Mistake Changes Side Dish Forever

I’m always requested to bring my “FAMOUS” Candied Yams to Holiday functions. I made the dish to take to Kenneth’s mom and dad’s for Turkey Day this year and I’ve been requested to take it to my brother Kelly and, his wife, Michelle’s for Christmas dinner.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, how different could you possibly make Candied Yams? Well, I’m not quite sure these are different but they sure taste good. No secret ingredients. However, I changed the recipe a few years ago after being close to a seasonal melt down! Now, it’s even better.

A few years ago, like most people, I was stressing during the holidays and I had lots of things on the stove just a boiling and dishes in the oven baking. Well, I had my attention somewhere else for a moment and totally had forgotten my sweet potatoes in the oven. Needless to say the marshmallows were blackened and a sense of pure DOOM came over me in an instant. Then suddenly an angel must have whispered to me, “Don’t fret. Wipe off the mistake.” So, I began to wipe off the blackened tops of the marshmallows and swirled in the warm “not messed-up” marshmallows into the yams. By doing this, I actually saw that the yams were also being churned into the mix and appeared to be what I should have been doing all along. I topped the dish with fresh marshmallows and returned the dish to the oven.  Needless to say, the yams were sweeter and got a better response than ever before. So, I made sure I remembered that when I made the Candied Yams the next time.

Here is the “improved” recipe:

Angela’s Double Marshmallow Candied Yams

Serves 6

prep time: 10 minutes

cook time: 52 minutes

total time: 1 hour and 2 minutes


2-29oz. cans yams (drained)

1-10.5 oz. bag miniature marshmallows

2/3 cup brown sugar

2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 stick butter

1/2 cup chopped walnuts


Preheat oven at 350°F. Spray 13x9x2 baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. Pour yams into baking dish. Chop yams to provide even coverage of bottom of pan, but still medium-to-large sized chunks.

Sprinkle walnuts, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon on top of yams. Place pads of butter evenly on top. Sprinkle 1/2 bag marshmallows on top.

Place dish in oven for 25 minutes. (Careful not to burn marshmallows). Remove dish and stir in lightly-browned marshmallows and return to oven for 25 minutes.

Remove dish and cover again with remaining marshmallows. Turn oven to broil and place pan back in oven for 2-3 minutes, watching carefully not to burn marshmallows. Marshmallows should be lightly browned. ENJOY!Angela’s Double Marshmallow Candied Yams


About amrecipes

My love of cooking has taken over. I was on the net one day and saw an ad for a recipe contest. I entered. Then, I entered another. Then another, and so on and when I won a contest... an entire year's worth of tomato products, I was hooked. Since then, I've entered many many different recipe contests. I have won a trip to New York, entries into cook-offs, a recipe published in a Kraft/Paula Deen cookbook and many food products and food related items. I enjoy cooking and entering recipe contests. I hope I spark an interest in others to create something they can be proud of. I'm always getting more ideas from the internet. Wow, I remember not having the internet years ago. It's a God send and I'm trying to cover every inch of the food sites!! Join me in my quest to keep fresh ideas flowing and creating new and exciting dishes.
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2 Responses to Mistake Changes Side Dish Forever

  1. Angie Walker says:

    I love candied yams, but I am the only one, so I don’t make them for just myself. Great rescue by the way.

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