Tips & Ideas

Get Every Drop!!

When you’re down to the last drops of mustard in the bottle, try this tip. Add 1/4 cup red or white wine vinegar, 1/3 cup olive oil, minced garlic and some dried oregano and/or basil and S&P. Shake it up and Viola! A great homemade vinaigrette. AND, most of all you used up EVERY Drop of your mustard.

That’s a great tip from Cuisine at Home magazine.


Great “To-Do” for Ripe Bananas:

One good tip I got from a friend not too long ago. Freeze your bananas before they go bad.

At our house, sometimes we have a few bananas that tend to look like they have had their last hoorah.

Simply peel the bananas and discard the peeling. Place the whole bananas into plastic freezer bags.

Gallon sized works great. Then freeze the bananas. Use these when you need them. Simple, right?

I know that my mom showed me a long time ago about how to take over-ripe bananas and use them to make banana bread.

Banana bread

Image by Sarah Cady via Flickr

You can still use frozen bananas in your baking recipes, just remember there is a high moisture content now, so you may want to either thaw these at room temp prior to baking or simply decrease some of your liquid ingredient(s).

I create lots of different frozen smoothies. So this idea was a really good one for what I wanted to use the frozen bananas for. Simply add the frozen bananas to your blender and it will also help cut down on the ice.

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